Five Things That You Never Expect On Mobile App Development

There is always huge craze on Mobile App Development. Especially when it comes to android mobile app development. The scope of mobile app  with lots of ideas. Many mobile app base startups are working hard to make something. But many mobile applications are missing the needs of users. The development of the mobile application is always focused on the concept. But it is not enough, The main focus should be on end users. The one who is going to use the application. There is no use of providing lots of features. Even a small button should be helpful to end user. Let’s check on 5 things you never expect on Moblie app development.

What’s crazy on Mobile App Development

Mockups – Gamechanger

In most of the Mobile app development scenario, mockups don’t consider as important. And also it’s not expected by mobile app development team head in some case. To make a successful app, Mockups is very important which is a game changer. Mockups help to develop the application in a focused way. With mockup, one can set app design, flow, and structure. There are many free online mockups tools available.,, are some of the online mockups tools.

App Security – Don’t compromise

When it comes to mobile app some might not be taking app security seriously. But as like web applications, There are many chances to hack mobile app. Developing an application like WhatsApp or Facebook will need rest API. Rest API is helpful to connect with database. But these should be done in a secure way. There should not be any loopholes. Some security flaws may happen over logs too. Make sure all the data are safe with the mobile application.

Never Mess With Business Mobile App Development

Optimized Mobile App Development

It is necessary to check optimization of the app. The amount of CPU usage consumed, RAM used by the app, Memory consumption. These are very important to check while developing the application. There should be no repeated coding and code should be optimized. The less number of lines in an application, the more optimized it will be.

Adhoc Testing After Development

All the mobile app development companies will be with a testing team. But those testers will be in a box and they test the functionalities but not real time. Real app bugs are exposed when it goes real time. It is better to make complete testing after mobile app development. This kind of testing will help to make the app stronger. The more bug an app is exposed, The stronger it will.

Using Version Control

It is necessary to use version control to make a proper mobile app development. Version control helps the developers to know what changes are done and when it is done and for what purpose it was made. These data will be very helpful while making changes after many days. Also having such version control will help to protect the code with proper backups.

You might not be considering these as important. Sometimes you never expect those but these are very important for mobile app development. Share your views on these over comments.

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